Welcome to Uttam Pradesh
Sarvottam Bharat Desh.

An energized Uttar Pradesh is key to Sarvottam Bharat Desh. Good governance is what is needed to make Uttar Pradesh an Uttam Pradesh. A well governed Uttar Pradesh can not only create jobs for its youth

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Uttar Pradesh is home to 200 Million Indians.

Ram’s Ayodhya

Ram’s Ayodhya is in Uttar Pradesh; so is Krishna’s Mathura. Tulsi Das, immortalized by his popular version of Ramayana, Ram Charit Manas was born here and so Continue reading “Ram’s Ayodhya”

1857 Mutiny in Meerut

“1857 Mutiny in Meerut” defined some of the formative moments of Indian nationalism against British rule. Every Indian has heard of Rani Luxmi Bai of Jhansi, again Continue reading “1857 Mutiny in Meerut”

Once a leader, now a laggard

That was Uttar Pradesh, the pride of India. The luster of yesteryears has dimmed. The state has lost its vitality, confidence and energy. It has lost out its leading positions among states; literacy rates is one of the lowest, infant mortality rate is highest, industry has lagged behind and per capita income is one of the lowest. Prime industrial cities like Kanpur have lost their glory. The state has become a drag on national exchequer; it takes more from the center than it gives. Uttar Pradesh has become Pichda Pradesh.
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Our indifference has led to our decline.

Do we lack energy? Do we lack creativity? Do we shy away from hard work? Are we short of resources? Emphatic answer is NO. What is missing is honest leadership and good governance.

We have politicians, not leaders

Politics has become the business of selling fake hopes and patronage that comes with power. While the best of the brains go into professional careers, mediocre ones make a career of leading the state.Results are visibly disastrous. Rot has set in at all levels. Corruption and nepotism prevails. Caste and religion are used to divide people. The divisive politics is at its worst. Hindus against Muslims. Backwards against higher castes. The spirit of our constitution is mauled by those meant to protect it.

We get the leaders we deserve

We alone are responsible for this rot. In a functioning democracy, we get the leaders we deserve.
A majority of fair-minded people across caste and religion divide has allowed themselves to become silent witness to misrule by a small number of undeserving and self-serving politicians. We elect criminals and tax evaders as our representatives. Do you trust your political leaders? We must accept responsibility. There is no gain blaming others.

Your indifference is the root cause

Indian independence struggle attracted the best brains of that time. Gandhi, Nehru, Jinnah, Patel, JP and many more who were the best trained people of their times.In free India, we have left the political field open with total vacuum and allowed criminals and tax evaders and gangsters to lead us to disaster. Our indifference is the main reason behind the decay in public life. We have lost the sanctity of democracy and one person one vote- its currency wasted for petty considerations and narrow interests. We have no one else to blame. The culprit is within us: our indifference, our narrow mindedness and our short-term focus.